Some travel destinations are inseparable from the sea, not only for their beaches but also for the string of magnificent islands they offer. It is very tempting to take a ferry with a rental car to see them up close... But beware: it is forbidden in the vast majority of cases! Yes, transporting your rental car on a ferry is, as a general rule, prohibited by the rental companies. Visit if you are interested in learning further more information about car rental. There's no need to go far for an explanation! The maximum accumulation of vehicles in the very limited space of a ship's deck is conducive to vehicle deterioration. Repair costs, insurance procedures, claims... From the point of view of customers and lessors, crossing a rental car by ferry has everything it takes to turn into a procedural nightmare, hence their outright prohibition. And the scenario is the same if you cross the Channel in Eurotunnel or if you travel by car: for car rental companies, it's net. However, if you attempt the crossing with your rental car, you should be aware that it will no longer be covered by insurance in the event of damage.

Take a ferry with a rental car: the exceptions

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule. In some countries, it is allowed, by all or at least some of the lessors, to use the ferry with its rental car. The reason is just as simple: sometimes you can't do otherwise.

What should I pay attention to when crossing by ferry?

If you have found an offer to take ferry with car rental, you need to pay attention to two points.
  • You must provide the date, number and name of passengers during the ferry crossing. Our customer service department will be able to transmit this information directly to the rental company for you. The lessor can then declare the vehicle to the ferry company concerned.
  • Avoid a one-way trip between a continent and an island, or between two islands. Rental companies are asking for exorbitant sums because of the cost of repatriating the vehicle.

Ferry crossing prohibited: an alternative

If the ferry crossing is not accepted by the lessor, it is still possible to find an alternative solution. You can indeed rent another car at your arrival place. If it is a tourist destination, you will find the rental agencies directly next to the port. One of our customers used this technique in 2015 to make his trip to the Pacific Islands! It may be a little more logistical, but when you look more closely at the cost of insurance in case of damage to the vehicle, you still think it is better to choose the safest solution, even if it takes more time to organize.