Car care

When and why change your auto spark plugs?

The spark plug is an essential component of the ignition system of a gasoline engine. It is located at the heart of each cylinder and delivers the spark that triggers the combustion of the air-fuel mixture. It consists of an…

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How to change the cabin air filter?

It is recommended to change the cabin air filter every 15,000 km. It should be noted that the more you drive in the city, the faster it will get dirty. We also advise you to check the condition of this…

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How to check the tyre pressure?

When I talk about the basic maintenance that can be done on your car, I think first of all of the tire pressure. Tyres are the only elements that connect your car to the ground. If your tire pressure is…

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How to succeed in your first maintenance operation?

After watching several of my videos and reading my articles on the blog, you finally decided to do your first maintenance operation on your car! So to maximize your chances of success without major worries, here are the tips we…

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How to prepare your roadworthiness test properly?

The purpose of the roadworthiness test is to check the reliability of your car by checking 124 precise points. The examination of the vehicle takes less than one hour and is carried out using measuring devices or by visual inspection…

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7 Things to avoid in frosty weather

We like winter when it snows on mountain ski slopes but we like less when it freezes on the roads because it drastically increases the risk of accidents. Before taking the wheel, you must already prepare your car and if…

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