Buying a car

Buying your first car: how to make the right choice?

With a driver’s license in your pocket, buying your first car is a special moment. Generally, since our budget is limited, we can’t really bring ourselves to buy the vehicle of our dreams. Buying a used car is the best…

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How to check a car before you buy it?

Buying a used car saves money. However, if price is the big advantage of the occasion, the disadvantages of the occasion should not be avoided. In particular, you can never be sure of the condition of the vehicle. Relying solely…

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How to buy a used car from a private individual?

Every year, twice as many used vehicles are sold as new ones. More than 5.5 million used cars were sold last year. Of these sales, nearly 60% were made between private individuals. Your rights as a private buyer: Even if…

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Negotiate the price of a used car for a purchase

We often hear that negotiation is an art. In the case of buying a car from a private individual, the price is essential. It is therefore necessary to negotiate on the basis of factual elements in order for the discussion…

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Which car for a young driver?

Young drivers face a budget problem when buying their first car. After obtaining a driver’s license, it is a matter of finding a cheap car with a low insurance premium. What is the budget for a young driver’s car? The…

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