Young drivers face a budget problem when buying their first car. After obtaining a driver's license, it is a matter of finding a cheap car with a low insurance premium.

What is the budget for a young driver's car?

The first step is to define the budget we will allocate to the purchase of a car. Obviously, in this budget, we must take into account the amount we are willing to spend on the purchase of the car, but we must not forget to include the various additional costs.

Choose a suitable car model

Most young drivers would like to drive a Mercedes or BMW. However, this is not a wise choice when you are a young driver. Not only because this type of car is expensive, but also because the car insurance premium will also be much higher. Not to mention that in the event of damage, repair costs will also be higher, while the risk of accident is higher when you are a young driver. It is better to turn to a vehicle of modest size and power, but well equipped in terms of safety (ABS, airbags...).

Car purchase budget

The initial budget depends of course on the wealth of each individual, but also on a personal choice. For a young driver, the average purchase cost of the first car is between 2000€ and 5000€. It is also necessary to add the various additional costs to the purchase:
  • Spare bulbs: about 20€
  • Compulsory equipment: about 20€
  • Ethylotest : 5€
To this, you must add taxes to the registration of your car. The more powerful the vehicle, the more expensive its registration is. Indeed, the price of the registration certificate is calculated on the basis of the fiscal power of the vehicle.

Choose a used vehicle over a new one

When it comes to our first vehicle, it is recommended to choose a used car. First, the cost of buying a used car is lower than that of a new vehicle, which results in significant savings. On average, only one year after its release, a new vehicle already loses 15% of its value. Second, insuring a new vehicle is generally more expensive than insuring an older vehicle. More precisely, the more valuable the vehicle is and the higher the insurance premium, especially since it is often necessary to take out all-risk insurance, whereas for a fairly old second-hand car, third-party insurance is sufficient.

Do not choose a vehicle that is too powerful

In addition to the value of the car, the amount of the insurance premium is defined according to its power. The higher this power is, the higher the risk of an accident and the risk of theft, which results in a higher insurance premium. Not to mention that for a vehicle with more than 70 horsepower, a young driver will have a hard time finding an insurer. Similarly, as we have seen above, the more powerful the car is, the higher the cost of the registration card also increases. Finally, when buying a powerful vehicle, it often costs much more. In case you have not yet succeeded in obtaining a licence, find our selection of the best opportunities for unlicensed cars!

Secure the payment of your first car

Now that you know the selection criteria for your car, remember to secure the payment. There is payment method dedicated to used vehicles. On the day of sale, funds are instantly transferred from the buyer's account to the seller's account. No need to go to the bank to get a cashier's check, the route is 100% online. No need to make your transaction during the bank's opening hours.