You have just bought a new car and you intend to keep it for several years? Here are some tips to help your vehicle age well and stay loyal to you for as long as possible!

Observe the running-in period

Despite all the technologies integrated into modern cars, they still need a break-in period at the beginning of their life. During the first 3,000 kilometres your car will drive, avoid sudden acceleration and limit high engine revolutions. In the long term, your car will thank you!


Winter is particularly difficult for the bodywork of Quebec cars. So unless you have the opportunity to store your vehicle from November to May, a good rustproofing treatment is essential. Do not wait for corrosion to appear!

A good wash

Don't make it a disease, but washing your car occasionally helps to get rid of dirt and calcium, which can lead to rust on the body over time. Occasional waxing also allows the paint to keep a younger appearance for a longer period of time.

Do not skimp on oil changes

While oil changes have long been recommended every 5,000 kilometres, new engines and synthetic oil have made it possible to reduce the time between these required maintenance operations. Today, some engines can run on the same oil for 15,000 kilometres. Ask your mechanic about the type of oil to use and be sure to follow the recommendations for how often it should be changed.

Listen to the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations

In addition to oil changes, a car needs much car maintenance as it ages. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and have the necessary maintenance performed when your vehicle's odometer reaches certain plateaus.

Parking in the shade

If possible, park where your car will be out of the sun. In the long term, your paint will be better protected and the interior of your vehicle will be much better preserved.

Check the liquids

When refuelling, get into the habit of opening your hood and looking at the different fluid levels to make sure they are where they should be. A very simple habit that could save you a lot of trouble!

Driving intelligently

Yes, the way you drive will have a direct influence on how your vehicle ages. If you are used to accelerating and braking suddenly at every turn, don't expect your car to break any longevity records!