Published on : 09 July 20203 min reading time

You’ll start at Trafalgar Square to see the National Gallery and Nelson’s Column. The National Gallery is the most important art gallery in the UK, and as it is free, you can come in and take a look at it. Then you can go down to Admiralty Arch, cross it underneath and reach The Mall where you will see that the asphalt turns red because it simulates the red carpet for the Royal Family towards the entrance to the Buckingham Palace. You can also choose to continue down the street to Horse Guards, where you can take the traditional photo with the Mounted Guard. Now go through Horse Guards inland and you will reach the same point as if you cross through Admiranlty Arch from The Mall. Through St. James Palace you will reach the Buckingham Palace and after seeing its surroundings, I recommend you return through St. James Park, one of the most beautiful parks in London, to Storey’s Gate, which ends at Westminster Abbey. From the back of the Abbey you can see the Parliament and Big Ben in the background. If you descend from the Embarcaderi to under the Big Ben Bridge you can take a small boat to Tower Bridge. You can also walk along the south bank of the Thames, perhaps too much for a single day, so I recommend taking the subway from Westminster to Tower Bridge, to also visit the essential Tower of London.

At this point, you’re probably in the mood for lunch; next to the Tower of London you’ll find The Liberty Bounds, a typical English pub with home-cooked food and, in some cases, drinks.

After a hearty lunch and some rest, you can climb up Lower Thames St. and Monument St. to the Monument, a column in homage to London’s great fire.  It then climbs Gracechurch St. to Leadenhall Market, an old and mythical market that has now become a meeting place for all executives of La City, an almost obligatory stop for tourists visiting the city of London. Crossing the market, head towards Lime St. to see El Gherkin, one of La City’s best-known skyscrapers, and head towards Leandenhall St. in the direction of Bank, another key point in La City. At this point, next to the subway stop, you’ll see the Bank of England and a neoclassical luxury shopping centre with columns in the centre of the square. From Bank, take the elevator up to the sixth floor of One New Change Mall and don’t miss the spectacular panoramic views of St. Paul and La City.

At the end of the afternoon I advise you to visit St. Paul, the cathedral of the village as opposed to Westminster Abbey, which is royalty. There are many restaurants in this area, either in the shopping centre itself or in a square behind the cathedral called Parternoster Row.

In the afternoon, I advise you to go to the mythical street of Oxford St, go down all Regent St. to Picadilly Circus, and walk the neighbourhoods of Soho and its emblematic streets that hosted groups such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones or Sex Pistols. Feel like a movie star in a preview in the middle of Leicester Square, and visit the oldest market in Covent Garden which today has street shows of all kinds.

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