Did you know that you can taste a pint in a brewery whose history is related to the queen known as 'Bloody Mary' or that you have at your feet the opportunity to make unique discoveries in vintage markets throughout the city? Throughout England its history is inseparably linked to pubs and Brighton can well boast of this with hundreds spread across its geography. From traditional pubs that, over the years, have witnessed notorious facts and anecdotes to trend-setting establishments. In the street known as 'Black Lion' a pub with the same name is today one of the busiest in the city. There you will be able to become a 3×1, the holy grail of every self-respecting pub, that is to say, good food, good drink and good music. In addition to being a stage for live concerts, don't miss a great Sunday Roast accompanied by popular Ale. The place is particularly interesting if we consider that its owner was one of the first Protestants in the area to be burned at the stake in 1555, during one of the bloodiest episodes in the country's history under the reign of Mary Tudor, Mary I of England, nicknamed 'Bloody Mary'. If you want a shopping getaway this is the place you were looking for. Brighton offers you a wide range of options and styles, from the most traditional jewellery shop, well rooted in the narrow streets of the old town, to the many shops and vintage markets that in the districts of 'Kemp Town' and 'The North Laine' are a must visit. Furniture, instruments, clothes or accessories, without forgetting the books to lose yourself in and stop time before the written word in an edition of the late nineteenth century. That yours is pure romanticism, in your hand is to surprise your partner by organizing a ceremony in one of the unique scenarios that the city puts at your feet. From Brighton's greatest historical treasure, the 'Royal Pavilion', where you can enjoy a king’s weds to the mythical 'Pier' where your album photos will have the turquoise sea and horizon as witnesses to the event. But if you want an outdoor ceremony in a less crowded place your site is 'The Bandstand', a Victorian music kiosk by the sea to celebrate an unforgettable day. You can also take part in living history, as you have the opportunity to take a pleasant stroll along the coast on board the world's oldest running electric train, inaugurated in 1883 and the work of local inventor Magnus Volk.